( Supstrates Florafin, Humofin )

Avedis d.o.o. is the authorized importer and distributor of organic peat from Zdralovac.


Organic peat from Ždralovac is one of the finest natural and organic soils rich in nutrients in Southeast Europe.
The size of peat field allocated for excavation purpose of this highly ranked organic peat is located in an area of 8000 hectares. This allows for the controlled process and rejuvenation of the excavated site. From the past 50 years to date, only 20 % of the field has been managed.

Processing of peat in Ždralovac has been ongoing since 1950 and the final products have been present throughout Southeast Europe.

Management of the peat fields is based on ecological principles with special attention devoted to quality preservation of water and vegetative resource which are not only crucial factor in the quality of the peat but also very important in preserving and rejuvenation of the peat fields for the future generations. Throughout the year, careful attention is directed to water and vegetation and special attention is given to the processes of production in order to preserve the natural look of the fields.
In addition, great importance and attention is given to the level of excavation thus allowing for the formation of new vegetation within a very short time.



Processing and packaging of Ždralovac peat is done with the most modern processing line from the leading world manufacturer of peat processing equipment Slootweg nl from Holland. Processing plant and production is controlled by the computers thus assuring the highest quality product.

Our commitment to the preservation of fields is evident in the location of the processing plant which is located far from the fields in order to preserve the fields and its habitat.



Organic peat from Ždralovac is packaged in bags of 80 lit (Humofin) and 50 lit, 20 lit, 10 lit and 5 lit (Florafin) and on special request we provide bulk shipments.

For the highest protection of organic qualities in the packing process, we utilise the highest quality foils with UV protection layer of the leading ISO certified European producers. Within our guidelines of environment protection, some of the packaging we use (where it does not impact long term nutrient qualities of the product) are foils based on recycled materials.

Long term concession, small actual excavation area, ecological excavation and rejuvenation practices combined with high quality production process controls give Ždralovac peat the position of the leading organic peat resource producer in the region. This guarantees long term and constant quality that will satisfy all your horticultural and agricultural needs. 60 years of continuous production is proof of our commitment to quality and reliability.